Where is the way of lace trim
Jun 14, 2023

The market of warp knitting lace this year can be described as "the most bleak in history", and it is the best result to survive. In fact, the decline of the lace industry began several years ago, but this year, under the influence of a variety of special factors have intensified the pace of decline.

The decline of any industry has its internal and external factors, and the lace industry is no exception, which is reflected in the following aspects:

1, lace is no longer "noble", but a little "rustic" and "old"

"In the old days, Wang Xie Tang Yan flew into the homes of ordinary people." With the landmark development of intelligent and high-speed lace machines, the output of lace lace has also exploded, and lace lace, once used as a royal court, has entered the lives of ordinary people. It is difficult to design clothes with lace as the main material. Although young women are occasionally seen wearing lace clothes, it is rare, and middle-aged and elderly people have gradually become the main consumers of lace T-shirts and lace skirts. Young people are becoming more cautious in choosing lace clothing.

2, lace lace wear comfort is not good, but also difficult to take care of

In order to make the level of the lace pattern richer, the yarn of the woven pattern will use a variety of yarns of different thicknesses, resulting in the uneven braiding of the yarn, that is, the underside of the lace lace is uneven. If it is directly in contact with the skin, it is very uncomfortable, even if it is used on the edge of the bra and underwear as decoration, it is not very friendly to the skin. Since most of the lace is woven chain organization, easy to detach, although the design increases the anti-detach cross column, but it only increases the difficulty of detach a little, can not change the attributes of the braided chain coil easy to detach. Lace is also easier to hook than other fabrics, so it is best to load lace clothing into the laundry bag when washing it to avoid the hook loose.

3, the application of lace in the field of underwear has been greatly reduced

When lace was widely used in underwear, the marketing keywords of underwear were "sexy" and "inner beauty". Is that a bit of a diamond is forever? But modern women pay more attention to the choice of underwear, they after a day of work, home after the shower, is it more comfortable to wear loose home clothes? Who still shows "sexy" and "inner beauty" in their underwear? Brand underwear spokespersons are no longer using sexy stars, sexy is no longer a selling point. Underwear is for you to wear, healthy and comfortable is king.

New lingerie brands that have emerged in recent years, like Victoria's Secret,

Triumph, LA PERLA,Ubras and others hardly use lace.

4, the epidemic, geopolitics and Russia-Ukraine conflict and other factors under the influence of the supply chain is not smooth, the global economic recession, the decline in consumption power, so that lace orders further reduced.

So can the lace industry restore its glory? What is the way forward?

The lace industry may still hover at a low level in recent years, but the future is still foreseeable. Because lace is still a fashion product, it still has a great role in improving the beauty and grade of clothing, shoes, hats and other products, and the demand for ornaments is still large and has always existed. For a long time, the innovation of lace is mainly the innovation of patterns and changes in raw materials, and now, in addition to this, what is more needed is functional innovation to adapt to the needs of new consumption and expand its scope of application.